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Twitter founders look like an 80's rock band

What’s going on with these guys? They sort of look like an 80’s rock band that can no longer be in the same room. We have front-man “Ev” chillin in Tahoe for extended periods of time thinking about creating a “new band company,” Drummer “Biz” hanging out with the crew at Huffington Post and lead guitarist “Jack D” collaborating and working on two big projects at once. Does anyone else see the comparison? Sure there is no sex, drugs and alcohol and the labels VC’s don’t seem to be bitching yet… so, for now, things are just white collar out-of-control… no biggie but something needs to be fixed. Assuming that Twitter’s three promotional products are not doing well. I think the advertising product I envision would make the most sense. Why do I think this? Just read my recent post on how Twitter can make billions. Anyways, their three core revenue generating products are making companies do too much work. It’s like they assume each company has the time to do more work or are able to afford a Social Media Guru to get social. Companies are looking to advertise, not get consumed with additional work and this is exactly what Twitter’s promotional products do.  Companies are used to running ads against content, not creating content to run as promotional content. According to their “Promoted Best Practices” they are asking companies to do what they suck at… being funny, witty, interesting and conversational. Furthermore, companies do NOT want to be fully engaged with customers.  Even Twitter can’t respond to everyone so how can they assume other companies can. If anything, companies are only looking to be partially engaged. How do I know this? Well, eBay users hated Skype and refused to use it on their eBay auction pages. Twitter is not much different than Skype in this sense.  If Twitter wants to go mainstream they should pivot change direction and move away from their Promotional products and check out my revenue plans.

With all the musical chairs, I believe one of two things is going to happen over the next few months. Twitter either needs to raise a huge round of capital and they need at least one founder to step up so the front office looks stable enough to secure a big fresh round or Square is going to be acquired which will allow Jack to focus on Twitter full time. Why else would Twitter’s board feel the need to negotiate to get one of the founders back? I would think they need at least one founder at the helm to fix things and show the world they are in it to win it.  I believe in Twitter as a money making platform but they need to switch things up and think differently to bring things to the next level. I honestly believe they can make billions by creating an advertising platform that I laid out. I guess we will see what happens soon. To keep up with Twitter keep your eye on Techmeme.



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  • Jason

    That is too funny. Almost died laughing when I saw that headline. They should hire that ex FB guy cause he gets lit up!

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