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A legend. Glad I saw him live. This riff has been suck in my head for weeks.

Lets face it. Selling real estate can be expensive. Sure sellers can go at it alone via FSBO but it rarely works as planned. FSBO sites just don’t give you the exposure needed to get the word out that you are looking to sell your home. In 2006, we realized that would couldn’t reach everyone we wanted to so we started a lab within our real estate company. We knew real estate really well. There’s no brokerage, agent, broker or sales team who understands real estate like we do so we started a little service called MLS Entry ONly. Within the first few months is caught fire. We would list homes as we normally would but instead of charging a hefty commission of 5% of the purchase price, we decided to let sellers list on MLS for a flat fee of $325. We took zero commission. The seller would offer to compensate a buyer’s agent between 2% – 2.5% if they brought them a ready, willing and able buyer who actually closed on the deal. If the buyer was unrepresented, they paid no commission. In the end the spent just $325 and saved thousands of dollars. It is now 2017 and although we have updated out flat fee listing website our service hasn’t changed much except we are more knowledgeable now and we pass along all the tricks of the trade to our sellers so we can help put themselves in the best possible possible to succeed. Looking back, we are thrilled. Our sellers refer us friends and family and they tell the world about what we do. Our success rate is high and this is important to us.

We are the only real estate service who makes it easy for buyers to make offers without needing a realtor. Check out our Easy Offer Wizard . We also make it easy for sellers to create an execute their listing agreement by here.

I dig when fans take the time to create a compilation of tracks within a “mood.” Here’s some funky disco beats.

Sick Love

AK usually leaves his lyrics open ended but this song is pretty straight forward.

Sick groove. Funky beat. Intense ending starting at 3:35 with Flea bringing it! The song screams emotion with the intense instrumental outro. It’s hard, raw, powerful and uncontrollable… perhaps mimicking AK’s feelings for the one who got away because of age.

It’s about milk – Hood Milk. When the fridge closes where does that carton of milk go? Phish is sure from New England.


Just amazing


Bomb Light

Nasty Jam.