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Wow is all I can say… I put this on using my ridiculous home audio system that literally shakes the house while at negative decimal levels and this song blew me away. The intensity starts at the 5 min mark. GO

Super groups

Most don’t work. Ego gets in the way. Audio Slave did. They always delivered with dirty grunge and lyrical mastery. Every. Single. Time. Never forget. RIP CC.


I like it raw.

Blood Sugar Sex Magik is my all-time favorite rock albums. This is the studio version.

Anyone who loves the Red Hot Chili Peppers knows Blood Sugar Sex Magik is an amazing album – probably my favorite. Funky Monks is a dope fresh track from 1991. Turn it up and give it a listen.

Carini jam jam

Kinda dig this jammy version.

Rest in peace Tom

You always kept it simple. You always did it your way. Respect.