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Mainstream is a good first call

So Jack wants to make twitter mainstream so your mother can use it without having their head spin. This is no small feat, but I agree 100%. I am a tech savvy hacker and sometimes I feel like my head is going to explode after I click the > to view the awkward thread. Its hard to tell if a user is in a conversation or just giving the user a shout out. Click to far and you get lost. Needless to say if I have a tough time following conversations my mother will look at the screen for 3o minutes then she will head to Facebook where she is comfortable. Twitter hasn’t really changed much in terms of simplifying things during the last five years. I really think the first change that needs to be done is have a #down booklet link that shows the conversation. I think making things easier is a great first step. Then we can get into the business model I have outlined.





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