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How many active accounts on Twitter?

There is an interesting chart making a claim that people sign up to never return to Twitter. This I can believe and I know of many people who signed up and never returned. Twitter has never revealed how many “active users” the service has, all they say is that 175 million accounts have been created (last page update was 9/14/2010).  Most sites only reveal registered users. I have to assume Twitter has realized they need to focus on making the service more mainstream so more people sign up and stick around.  I have always believed Twitter needs to create a more rich profile page for users. Doing so would not only help them build out the service but it would make it so people make it their “own.”  Unlike FB, usersfeel it’s their space. A profile page should be at the center of a users account. Currently, on Twitter, the “stream” is at the center which makes the service less impersonal. I think they are realizing why 90 million people signed up then decided to bounce on the service soon after. This is a HUGE number. Twitter should reclaim these 90 million usernames because it is very difficult to find a good username. I saw if an account is dormant for 6 months it should be cancelled. The active to non-active ratio might be way off, but you cannot deny the number of page views this site gets each month.

Interesting findings…

  • There were 119 million accounts following one or more other accounts.
  • There were 85 million accounts with one or more followers.

Breaking it down further…

  • 56 million follow 8 or more people.
  • 38 million follow 16 people.
  • 12 million follow 64 people.

More on this via Techmeme.

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