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Crypto Stuff

When you unbox your new Ledger Nano S, the manufacturer provides a small blank recovery card with 24 seed word slots.  If you have tidy penmanship you might not need this recovery card generator, but since they only supply one blank card, you really only have one shot to ink this card perfectly.  Ballpoint pen ink can also smudge and, or fade. If you have OCD like me and prefer your card to be clean and tidy using typeface font you can simply open and save this fillable pdf to your computer. Once filled out you can print and trim out 2 recovery cards and store them in a secure place. You should never store recovery cards online.

This pdf is programmed using JavaScript with synchronous functionality so you only need to enter seed words once to generate 2 recovery cards. This form does not transmit or save data online.  You may download to your computer and print locally.
Feel free to donate crypto using the addresses below if you found this useful. 

BTC: 13WooDoAiUgs8fGS7A4jPctEQVTw3cbv5b

ETH: 0x9dea72bbaeae77726cbc59a330c6be97f8c34b62

LTC: Lgc2eToFbFwynhrRG5pRnZ5kHD9h2H1fFd

All seed words come from your device and derived from this github page.