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Luxury Condo Widget

Does your real estate website need more content for your viewers? If so, I have created a simple script that can be copied into your site free of charge. Once you paste the script into your site it will display a database on Luxury Condo Buildings in and around the city of Boston. The database is updated regularly and is over 100 buildings so far. Go here to create your Boston luxury building widget for your site or blog.

If you paste this code into your site you will be able to display all these property links. The script is fully customizable so it will match the look and feel of your website or blog.

Customizing the look manually without widget creator

path=200 – this is the width of the box.

fs=12.5– this is the font size.

c1 – is header/footer background color

c2 – is header / footer text color

c3– is the background color

c4– is the text color

c5 – is the link color

lim5 is the number of links you want to show

fs=12.5 is the size of the font

fl=All is the Neighborhood filter for which neighborhoods you want to show first.