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Audio: Biz on Howard Stern – REVEALING

Everyone knows I am a Howard Stern super fan. Been listening every day since I was in middle school. Before I left for school I would put a tape in my stereo and record. I would listen to shows before bed. Anyways, today Biz was on Howard and it was a good interview.

He’s a good dude and from Boston! Woot! He has a chill personality and seems to roll through life as it comes. That’s the east coast / west coast mix! Hey now!  Most interesting thing he said that encompasses everything that is going on with the service … “From the beginning Twitter has been a living and breathing thing that needs what it [Twitter] needs when it needs it and it needs who it needs when it needs it.”

Nothing over-the-top.

  • Origins of Twitter and the name “Biz.”
  • Founder’s relationship, vision.
  • We learned that he grew up in Brookline, MA and went to High School in Wellesley, MA.
  • Grew up without his father who didn’t know who he was when they reunited.
  • He lives in a normal 2000 SF home with a mortgage and takes care of his mother and sister.
  • Spoke about meeting Zuckerberg and how awkward acquisition discussions were.
  • and much more…  Techmeme has more on this story

Biz was an A+ guest and is officially the face of Twitter. Hope you enjoy listening to this interview, I know I did.

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