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Trey via percussion

Here it comes…

Obviously, he’s a deadhead. Sounds great.

Just another badass beat that gets a little more funky with each lick. We all wish we could play like Trey. Don’t be fooled. If you had his custom or any Languedoc guitar you would not sound anything like him.

jammy wah wah

I love this jammy wah-wah that Trey has been emphasizing lately. It’s just one of those funky bits that I can feel.

Gotta love a closeup Cities. Credit: Lazy Lightning of course.

Tight Phish

Embed starts at 24 min mark. Fantastic jam that just grooves. Not knowing where they are heading is how you define this jam! Don’t forget to get your NYE tickets for the “annual” MSG run.

Close up of Trey jamming

There’s nobody better… nobody!!!

Whoever was in charge of this blew it. When a band rarely does acoustic shows and plan ahead. Quality audio but a visual disaster.