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Sept 11, 2001

No more promises…

This is a great song. A relationship ends because it was a fairly tale, a devotion to a dream, nothing else. Listen.

songs that grow on you

I used to hate this song but I love the beat now. Makes you wanna wiggle. Song can get stuck in your head. 😉 The song comes from the 2013 Wing Suit set. The lyrics are clever as fuck, they trade couplets full of funny puns, inversions, and double meanings complaining about Monica’s fickle, trifling-ass behavior. She “stole the sun” from the narrator, which “de-lighted” him. Looking down from her “ivory tower,” he was “in-spired.” But she “stole [his] manhood,” leaving him “de-sired.” Just when he thought things were over, when his “tread was worn,” she “re-tired” him.

Died 20 years ago. wow

Gotta go with one of the best vids on the web. Shit, I am so hippy. 20 years? Fuck. I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news. We we driving off from my friends driveway in Nantucket when the radio mentioned the death. Miss you Jerry.

Trey is on fire

This Summer Tour 2015 Trey is killing it… A 23 min Tweezer means just that. Love the sound of his “ocelot” guitar. He’s been switching guitars this tour which is odd for him.

Really feeling it…

After school

My neice and her friend made pink lemonade unsupervised yesterday. She was unsurpervised because my sister broke her wrist last Saturday had surgery on Tuesday. 

My sister decided to go downstairs to see what my neice was up to. Let’s just say, thankfully nobody drank this lemonade.