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Pesky ticks

There’s nothing worse then ticks when you have a dog. People believe that ticks roam in the spring and summer but they love the Fall. Go pick up a crispy brown leaf and you will find a tick. 

Simon loves the outdoors and last week her was hammered was 2 ticks. He gets washed once every two weeks and he is medicated for prevention but it only curbs the problem a bit. 

Last night I noticed he is in pain. He’s not jumping much and is sleeping more… As if this was possible. This means he had an engorged tick on his skin and since pulling it off he has a small infection but it will pass. 

Keep your dogs away from leaves during the Fall. 

It’s true. My Simon can attest. The Beatles incorporated a dog whistle in this song. My dog grunts and barks during this tune every time without fail. Only works with vinyl record. CD and MP3’s are limited 44.1K sampling rate. CD’s top out 22500K.


If you are into high fidelity audio systems… entertainment rooms with top of the line equipment that makes the home shake and blows your mind, play this to see if your system is bumpin. Daryl Oats has an amazing voice and they have a sound that really brings out the brilliance of a system. His acoustic guitar riffs, rhythms, picking is perfect for audio measurements.

Happy 51st Birthday Trey

He is only getting better with age. Still rockin hard. Here’s Trey bringing the funk covering Stevie Wonder’s Boogie on Reggae woman. This isn’t just Trey. Mike brings it too. They all do. I can’t recall but I think they tease Ernest Goes to Camp throughout this middle to end of this jam. Too many shows to recall. 😉

Some Magnaball

From Magnaball in Watkins Glen, NY. They killed it once again. Playing morning, noon and night for 3 days. Whole lotta partying going on. Good music. Great vibes. Crazy peeps!

Sept 11, 2001

No more promises…

This is a great song. A relationship ends because it was a fairly tale, a devotion to a dream, nothing else. Listen.

songs that grow on you

I used to hate this song but I love the beat now. Makes you wanna wiggle. Song can get stuck in your head. 😉 The song comes from the 2013 Wing Suit set. The lyrics are clever as fuck, they trade couplets full of funny puns, inversions, and double meanings complaining about Monica’s fickle, trifling-ass behavior. She “stole the sun” from the narrator, which “de-lighted” him. Looking down from her “ivory tower,” he was “in-spired.” But she “stole [his] manhood,” leaving him “de-sired.” Just when he thought things were over, when his “tread was worn,” she “re-tired” him.