Malcolm Young, the greatest hard rock rhythm guitarist is too ill to play. Now, the greatest hard rock frontman, Brian Johnson is no longer able to tour because he will lose his hearing if he continues the 2016 World Tour. They say Axl Rose could replace Brian but he can’t be replaced. My gut was right when I decided against getting tickets to see ACDC play at MSG this April. ACDC is done but they will live on as all great bands do.

Phish in Mexico, now writing.

They played some amazing shows. Downright funky beats.  Could be one of my favorites to date.  They are taking off the next 5 months to write and hit the studio. Great way to go out.  Looking forward to hearing what they have in-mind for next tour.

Pesky ticks

There’s nothing worse then ticks when you have a dog. People believe that ticks roam in the spring and summer but they love the Fall. Go pick up a crispy brown leaf and you will find a tick. 

Simon loves the outdoors and last week her was hammered was 2 ticks. He gets washed once every two weeks and he is medicated for prevention but it only curbs the problem a bit. 

Last night I noticed he is in pain. He’s not jumping much and is sleeping more… As if this was possible. This means he had an engorged tick on his skin and since pulling it off he has a small infection but it will pass. 

Keep your dogs away from leaves during the Fall.