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slick as slick can be

Slightly Stoopid, Closer to the Sun. They are a talented group.

My Boss



On way to NYC

Stopped for gas. Saw two Tesla’s plugged in for a charge. Innovative car for sure but I can’t get beyond the fact that it takes about an hour to charge half the battery. To me, this means no freedom. Full battery runs for 240-300 miles… And you thought a drained mobile phone battery was an inconvenience? Yikes!


shocks to my brain

Skip to the 5 minute mark. It’s all about the jam.


You gotz to smoove and sooth that snout.


2000, me school.

The good ole days of trippin out and playing. This is me playing over two looped notes created with pedal, which makes up the beat. Solo is pretty good… I have to say. This was only section that wasn’t blurred. We didn’t really have good PC cams around 2000. Those look like PJ’s. ;)