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I dig when fans take the time to create a compilation of tracks within a “mood.” Here’s some funky disco beats.

Sick Love

AK usually leaves his lyrics open ended but this song is pretty straight forward.

Sick groove. Funky beat. Intense ending starting at 3:35 with Flea bringing it! The song screams emotion with the intense instrumental outro. It’s hard, raw, powerful and uncontrollable… perhaps mimicking AK’s feelings for the one who got away because of age.

It’s about milk – Hood Milk. When the fridge closes where does that carton of milk go? Phish is sure from New England.


Just amazing


Bomb Light

Nasty Jam.


The RHCP have not been the same band since John Frusciante left the band. But Flea is bringing the funk back with this baseline riff.


Malcolm Young, the greatest hard rock rhythm guitarist is too ill to play. Now, the greatest hard rock frontman, Brian Johnson is no longer able to tour because he will lose his hearing if he continues the 2016 World Tour. They say Axl Rose could replace Brian but he can’t be replaced. My gut was right when I decided against getting tickets to see ACDC play at MSG this April. ACDC is done but they will live on as all great bands do.