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Peppers need John back

I have always been a Chili Pepper. I used to buy every album they released. Saw them in concert many times. John Frusciante was the reason. His RHCP riffs were amazing. Unfortunately, he left the band. They are still great but they need him back. I hope he comes back because something is missing.


Olly & Remy – animated

A little ‘Joy’ for everyone will make you feel good or really bad. Love good lyrics.

Why comcast blows

In continuation on my Comcast rants…. I should probably preference this with the fact that I can’t stand monopolies but I have more to say. Comcast is expensive because they only care about profits. Money is great but it’s not impactful. Making an impact is something along the lines of Google Fiber. If Comcast cared about service they would start by being honest and transparent.

They offer 120 Mbps (speed) but the chances of a home hitting this amount of speed is nearly impossible. Case and point … I bought into 120 Mbps because I like speed. When selling you this or any Internet service speed they gloss over the fact that 120 Mbps will not be reached and to come close to 120 Mbps you would need to have your computer plugged into the box directly. Most people have a wireless router so guess what 120 Mbps really becomes when you have a wifi router. It will max out at 20… maybe more, maybe less. Speeds chance every minute. This is kinda shitty because if I go to the store and buy and pay for 120 items at check out and they hand me a bag of 20 items, I am not going to be happy. Makes sense, right? Most people want what they pay for.

If Comcast was a half decent company, they would set your box up, test it and say your price is $x because you are only getting a small portion of what you are paying for. Somehow, Comcast has the ability to cap you when you hit a certain speed but they can’t push your speed to the amount you actually pay for? Bullshit.

If Comcast were smart they would think outside the box. Perhaps, take my first suggestion or they could be upfront and say in big bold font that WIFI is not 120 Mbps. It will likely only be a fraction of 120 Mbps. The truth is… 120 Mbps is really ~25 Mbps on WIFI. Ironically, the next level down is 25 Mbps and guess what this is on WIFI? It’s about 6 Mbps. This comes out to less on WIFI. Ironically, the next level down is about 6 Mbps Guess what, on WIFI this speed is around 3Mbps. (All numbers presented are examples. Look at the Comcast site for more information).

My point. Comcast is just one of those unethical companies who only care about making money and they add little value to the big picture. Not all companies are made to add value but utility based companies should try harder. I could write so much more about Comcast but it’s just not worth my time. You don’t have to cut the cord but know what you are buying into before you buy it. Comcast gives you 30 days to test things out. So look at your bill/plan and see what speed they sold you. If your speed is accurate on WIFI you are the exception. Speed test can be done free here: TEST If you call, they will point fingers… its your WIFI router, it’s position, blah blah blah…. It’s all bullshit. It’s them not delivering on what you have purchased.

7am – 66. Should be mid 80’s by afternoon. Weekend mid 80’s to 90. Can’t beat the weather in Santa Monica. Never rains, morning overcast but sunny and warm after 10 am every day! 


We all know Comcast is evil. Yes, infrastructure is costly but they have some pricy plans. I’m going to keep this simple. If you are not good at negotiating keep reading and I promise you will chop your bill down unless you are clueless. 

Step 1: Call to cancel yout service.  

Step 2: you will be transferred to someone trained to address your concerns and retain you. They have the most power to grant you a promotion.

Step 3: tell them your bill is way too high and you are going with a competitor. Make sure your home has one because some don’t. However you can always refer to Direct TV pricing. 

Step 4: They will say they have more channels. Tell them less is more and you watch a handful of channels. 

Step 5: Ask what they can do for you. They will give you a new price. Most likely the new subscriber price. 

Step 6; they will upsell you before ending the call. Perhaps for voice. Tell them you have Ooma and it’s free. 

If you do not say you are calling to cancel but want a deal you will not get where you need to be. Do this and you can thank me later.