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Inspired by a woman but this song is 100% about NYC. Listen with depth. It’s jammy.

rough day


Rough neighborhood.

Rough Hood

Killing time on flight


birds of a feather

For those who like radio play, this is for you.

Down with disease

Magical Sticky Wipes

Magical Sticky Wipes

Weekapaug Groove

I received an email from this agent. He is obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed and this proves he’s not a “Good Shepherd.”

He sent me an email telling me….

I will beat Hillman real estates price for putting your clients on the MLS.
If you want to talk let me know.

Thank you
Rich Fontaine
Good Shepherd Realty

Sure, I want to talk. I hope he responds to my reply to this message he sent me. More on this later. I will post a screen shot of his email to me. Love it!