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You gotz to smoove and sooth that snout.


Smells great

I have worn 2 colognes my entire life. I hardly where them unless I don’t feel like showering. ;)

Gucci Envy and Eternity. There are two perfumes I can tolerate on a woman. The first is only known by scent and second one is this stuff. If you need a gift for a lady-friend go for it. Perfume is not like wine, so don’t buy an old bunk bottle from eBay and expect it to smell like it should.


The back

Salt water is the bomb. Separate pics
20140707-114900-42540430.jpg 32

Almost done.


Thank you

You know who you are. Much love!

2000, me school.

The good ole days of trippin out and playing. This is me playing over two looped notes created with pedal, which makes up the beat. Solo is pretty good… I have to say. This was only section that wasn’t blurred. We didn’t really have good PC cams around 2000. Those look like PJ’s. ;)

My favorite song. Free is one of those songs where you can tell if they are ON. Trey needs to be thrashing chords right of the gate and at the 3:40 mark Mike needs to bust out the funky base so you start to float and bounce until your eyes roll to the back of your head.


Phish has released a studio album. They are not a studio band. They have had one amazing studio album, Farmhouse… and they rock many of these songs during shows. Obviously, the band is sober, this is not a good thing. Makes me want to poke my eardrums out. For the love of getting down… somebody (Trey) relapse. Live shows still rock, hopefully they won’t play these new songs.